Escape to Bali!

“Every centimeter of Morocco is beautiful – the tiles, the walls, the contrasts, the greenery. It has a soul which blends old and modernity – we see things differently here.”

Influencer and designer, Sofia el Arabi, has an effortless, elegant approach to dressing that we instantly fell for; we love the way she seamlessly blends her R&B favorites into her own wardrobe. “It’s rare to find a brand that is cool and super sexy,” she says. “With dresses that are perfect for the beach, or a super fancy party.”

Born and raised in Casablanca, el Arabi’s passion for Morocco is as contagious as her incredible style. She started her blog, Fashion Bat Chic, when she returned home after eight years spent studying business in France, determined to discover the country again with a new eye and “to show the world how beautiful Morocco is; how we can mix our traditions with modernity.” Which makes her the perfect person to tap for insider tips. From her favorite hidden beaches and the best place to see the sunset to the restaurants she returns to again and again, here’s her expert guide for an escape to Morocco,