Clothing for a powerful ecstatic goddess of this world.

While searching for the best option for dressing up our own body and feeling fully this ecstatic universe, we surfed through thousands of small and grand boutiques, local market halls, we touched hundreds of materials, observed and inspected plenty of stitches. However, when quality is just not right, you start to.. create. clothing story started deep inside Island of Gods – Bali – while soft ocean waves were calmingly washing feet. Slowly the whole vision was born – what materials should be chosen, what prints might match each other, what is the main source for inspiration.. While searching for perfectness in clothing templates, masters of sewing craft and highest quality materials, first collection was gradually born. Soon after that, the next one and the rest is history. History of how fashion house was born and now can offer you inspiring and life-changing pieces.

Each handmade piece in this collection tells a different story on your divine curves; let it recreate your self-confidence and embrace new sensations at its fullest. Our promise to you – new ecstatic journey, while leaving light silk trail behind you.

With love, | Fashion House

Clothes creator Lina Lila is a free-spirited alchemist, who through the unique design of clothing inspires and awakens women all around the world to go deeper into her own authenticity.